We Offer Wisdom Teeth Removal $225. The Maximum Price is $375. If you need All 4 , the Maximum Price is $970 !

Dr. Paulo Pinho has been a well-known dental surgeon across Australia for his experience and expertise in wisdom teeth removal. His dental clinic in Sydney now offers the safest and affordable wisdom teeth removal service.

The maximum price you will have to pay for a wisdom teeth removal in Sydney now would be $970.


Complimentary services include:

  • Consultation and examination: Free
  • Simple Tooth Extraction: $99
  • Tooth Division Extraction: $175 – $275
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction: $250 – $450
  • Cost of Basic Wisdom Tooth Removal: $225 – $250
  • Surgical Wisdom Tooth Removal: $250 – $375

The final price of your wisdom tooth removal is always determined by the complexity of the surgery and other procedures like bone removal, tooth division or raising flaps. We offer a complete consultation and examination before putting our quote.

Complex surgical wisdom tooth removals are performed under anaesthesia and other kinds of sedation techniques such that it would be a painless process at your end. Depending on the type of anaesthesia you would be willing to undertake, there may be additional fees to the surgery cost. However, be sure that our processes are the best and cheapest when it comes to wisdom tooth removal in Sydney. We also entertain health and dental insurance that will cover your wisdom tooth removal costs. Medicare insurance too takes care of part of the fees.

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Why Consider Sydney Wisdom Teeth Removal in the First Place?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth that develop just before achieving adulthood. You might face issues while they come through, due to insufficient space. By using X-rays, we can determine if they need to be extracted to avoid any future problems for neighbouring teeth and overall dental health.

In addition, here are few more compelling reasons to opt for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney:

  • The new wisdom teeth can lead to excruciating pain and even bite issues
  • Besides, the cysts that develop near these teeth can, in fact, hurt the nearby nerves and jaw
  • Moreover, wisdom teeth could also lead to congestion and in some cases sinus pain
  • As the tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth expands, you need to deal with painful swollen gums causing at times cavities
  • It could lead to overall alignment issues, as your teeth can all get crowded with the formation of new teeth

Our dentist who’s an expert in wisdom teeth removal in Sydney will take your age into consideration and carefully assess your mouth’s shape and positioning of the new teeth to determine if it’s right to remove them and the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney.

Our Procedures:

We can administer you local anaesthesia to perform the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. In other words, you shall stay conscious during the removal process while the area surrounding the wisdom teeth will remain numb.

As an addition, sedatives can also be given besides local anaesthesia to help you stay comfortable during the procedure. Some cases, general anaesthesia is given to remove the wisdom teeth. In such instance, you will be asleep during the Sydney wisdom teeth removal process.

Our dentist determines the Wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney according the range of complexity that each tooth requires to be removed. As you can see from the above table, the cost does vary, and it’s decided during the first visit with our expert dentist. However, you can be rest assured, we present the most affordable and cheap removal plans in the whole of Sydney. It’s as low as $125 and no higher than $375 per tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney Recovery Tips

Typically, the healing time requires only a few days. Take medication as prescribed by the dentist. Also, consider these proven tips:

  • You can massage with an ice pack gently on your cheek. Use it for a couple of minutes and repeat this process for the first day. Also, make sure you don’t wilfully or accidentally bite the inner area of your lips or cheek
  • Consume for the first few days soft and liquid type foods like soups, smoothies, gelatine, mashed items, and puddings. You can in time consider solid foods in your daily intake as your recovery improves
  • Also, don’t lie down flat, as it could lead to bleeding. Consider using a couple of pillows to increase the height of your head
  • Take adequate rest after surgery. Don’t perform any heavy physical activity or exercise as it could cause bleeding

Visit our dentist if you have any pain or bleeding issues after the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.


How Much Does It Cost To Have 4 Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Our maximum price for wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney for all the 4 teeth totals only $970. We charge $225 to $250 for a Basic Wisdom Tooth Removal, whereas for a surgical Wisdom Tooth Removal it costs $250 to a maximum of $375. The ultimate price of the wisdom tooth removal is influenced by the complexity involved in the surgery, and other processes like bone removal, lifting flaps, etc. Our experienced dentist will offer a complete consultation and examine you before stating the final quote. Call us today at 1300 320 881!

What Happens If You Don’t Pull Out Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not have to be removed in every patient. But for some patients, these teeth become partially erupted or fully impacted.  These impacted teeth cause a lot of dental problems, like accumulation of bacteria causing infections, damaging the nearby teeth, jaw damage, growth of cyst, inflamed gums, build-up of cavities, tooth alignment problems etc. If your dental surgeon determines that your wisdom teeth might get problematic, you must get a wisdom teeth removal Sydney as early as possible.   Do you need help with wisdom tooth extraction, discuss with our experienced dentists at 1300 320 881.

Is It Safe To Remove All Four Wisdom Teeth At Once?

Yes! Even if all the four wisdom teeth cause problem or just a single tooth, our experienced dentists will recommend removing all the four teeth. Since, the wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth, it is hard to clean and keep them free from plaque. It accumulates food trapped easily leading to various other dental problems, including gum disease, infections and decay of teeth. Moreover, if you are thinking of removing one tooth at a time, you will have to spend time for each visit, and for each removal you would require additional healing period and restricted diet. For these reasons, you must discuss with your oral surgeon if you should have all four wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. Give us a call at 1300 320 881 and avail cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Do You Need An Oral Surgeon To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Some people are of the assumption that wisdom teeth removal costs more and consult the regular dentists for their tooth extraction process. But, most patients have their wisdom tooth impacted, which involves more complexity than the routine extraction. They must be removed carefully without leaving any remains in the gums. So, it is better to get it removed by an experienced dental surgeon, who will remove the tooth efficiently and tackle the complications like impaction and infection. Call us at 1300 320 881 to avail wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney at affordable rates.

What Is The Best Age To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth usually grow between the ages of 17 and 25 years. The recommended age for removing the wisdom teeth is by the age of 25. But some patients might be tempted to postpone their wisdom teeth removal Sydney, if they are not experiencing any symptoms. But, the longer one waits, the complications might get worse. The roots of the wisdom tooth might grow in a different direction, which might get in contact with a nerve, which might call for an immediate wisdom tooth extraction. So, if you are looking for a wisdom tooth extraction, or facing any discomfort with your third molars, discuss with our experts at 1300 320 881.