7 Things You Could Expect During Wisdom Teeth Recovery

7 Things You Could Expect During Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom teeth, the 3rd and final set of molars, usually appear between the ages of 17 and 21. When you are done with wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, you will remain secure from a myriad of dental problems in the future. Patients usually recover in just a few days after the surgery, but this is dependent on the individual. You’d experience certain symptoms during the healing process, and they are listed down below. Read on to know what they are:


Swelling is pretty common and you would see it close to your mouth or cheeks. Patients usually experience swelling right after the day of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. This can be managed by using an ice pack. During the initial 24 hours after the procedure, apply an ice pack onto the outer area of your face, close to the surgery site. Apply it for about 20 minutes, with 10-minute breaks in between.


Bleeding is yet another common symptom that patients experience during wisdom teeth recovery. Blood clots will form after the surgery to facilitate healing. Bleeding can be controlled by covering the surgical area with a damp gauze pad. Bite it down and apply mild pressure. Moistened teabag is also recommended for the same.

Avoid exercising and take sufficient rest to minimise bleeding. Patients usually notice only a small amount of bleeding during recovery, but if you find that it’s uncontrollable, consult the professional for assistance.


You would experience pain on the same day after surgery, as soon as the effects of the anaesthetic subsides. The severity of the pain will depend on the patient. You will be provided appropriate pain medications to minimise the discomfort.

Mild fever:

Some patients would have a mild fever on the day following cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Taking over-the-counter medication prescribed by the dentist is important. Just make sure that the temperature doesn’t go beyond a specified limit. Talk to the dental expert if you have any questions.


Numbness of your tongue, lips, or chin is yet another common symptom during the healing process. This is just temporary. People usually bite their tongue or lips when they couldn’t feel them. Experts advise not to do so for safety.

Dry lips:

Since the lips are stretched out during surgery, they can get dry or cracked right after. This is pretty normal, and all you need to do is to apply a lip moisturiser.


If you feel like vomiting, make sure not to have any food or fluids for at least an hour. Medicines must be taken only when you don’t feel nauseous anymore.

The recovery time after wisdom teeth removal is different for everyone. While it’s unlikely that you would experience all the symptoms mentioned above, you can expect some of them. If you have any questions about the procedure, recovery, or wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, don’t hesitate to contact your dental expert. They will provide you the guidance to fix your dental problems.


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