Dangers of Delaying the Removal of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Dangers of Delaying the Removal of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Although wisdom teeth removal is a simple procedure and recovery is quick, many tend to put off the treatment due to various reasons, including dental fear and wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Gone are the days where teeth removal was a complicated procedure.

Today, with advanced dental technologies and techniques, dentists are able to perform painless, minimally invasive procedures, which reduce the period of recovery. Yes, you’ll be back to normal within a day after wisdom teeth removal Sydney. There are dental sedation options that help to calm a patient while performing a dental procedure. The computer-aided procedures allow dentists to precisely plan and perform dental treatments. When you are worried about the procedure or the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, it is essential to speak to your dentist rather than delaying the treatment as it is dangerous.

Here’s what will happen if you keep delaying the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth:-

Teeth shifting

This is one of the significant impacts of a wisdom tooth when it grows in different angles. Since wisdom teeth don’t get enough space on the jawline to develop normally, they get trapped under the gum line and become impacted. This condition is called impaction. So, when it tries to erupt it causes other teeth to shift, pressuring the rest of your teeth. It gets complicated when the impacted teeth is not removed. Yes, it can damage your other teeth, misalign your bite, and in some extreme cases even interfere with the opening and closing of your mouth.  At worst, you’ll be overcrowding, shifting teeth, and the destruction of all the work your braces did.

Formation of cyst

Whether it is straight, angled, or impacted, wisdom teeth are problematic. They won’t erupt at all and if you don’t pull them out, it can lead to formation of pockets where bacteria and food particles gets collected, leading to gum infection, dental decay, and painful cysts which require surgery to remove.

Dental decay

Even if none of the above happens, you’ll still develop dental decay due to impacted wisdom teeth as they are positioned in a place where it is hard to clean. They should also be cleaned everyday but since they are in very back of mouth, it makes it difficult to brush and floss.

As you see, you can’t keep your impacted wisdom teeth. Cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney can help you avoid all these dental problems. If you are curious about whether or not to pull your wisdom teeth, speak to your dentist.


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