Dental Implants Vs Bridges – How they Work & What You Should Choose

Dental Implants Vs Bridges – How they Work & What You Should Choose

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The world of dentistry provides patients several options to fix their tooth problems. Amongst such options, dental implants and dental bridges are some popular ones. Dental implants in Sydney are well demanded for the variety of benefits it offers, but how about bridges? To learn more about both these options, keep on reading:

How Dental Implants and Bridges Work?

Dental implants are made of titanium and has artificial tooth roots that will be placed in the spot where the tooth is missing. Titanium, being a biocompatible material, will fuse with the jawbone and remain intact for years. This would take approximately 6 months to complete, and the results will be long-lasting and reliable. The artificial tooth that comes with the implant shall be used and maintained just as you would your natural teeth.

Dental bridges, on the other hand, is not as invasive as dental implants. One or more of your surrounding teeth will be used in order to mount the bridge for tooth replacement. In certain cases, your adjacent teeth might also have to be adjusted to support the bridge, and this depends on the complexity of your case. This way bridges will eliminate the gap between the teeth, thus solving your missing tooth problem.

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered to be better than dental bridges because of the following reasons:

  • Longevity: Dental implants in Sydney are highly durable and last a lifetime when they are maintained well. Bridges, on the other hand, have to be replaced periodically and has lesser life than dental implants.
  • Preserves Jawbone Density: Dental implants that act as a replacement for your tooth roots will function the same way as your natural tooth roots. Dental implants just fuse with your jawbone, but promotes bone growth as well. Bridges don’t have this capability.
  • Your Adjacent Teeth is Secure: Unlike bridges, cheap dental implants in Sydney do not interfere with the surrounding teeth for support. Bridges might adversely impact the health of the adjacent teeth due to extra pressure exerted on them. This doesn’t happen with dental implants.
  • Better Aesthetics and Functionality: Dental implants’ artificial teeth look and feel like natural teeth, and people could hardly tell that you are using them. They also provide great comfort and confidence you need. Dental bridges do not seem to offer these benefits.
  • Easy Maintenance: As mentioned earlier, dental implants shall be cleaned and maintained just like your natural tooth, thus making it convenient to use. Bridges are relatively hard to clean and they are vulnerable to tooth decay, gum problems, and more.

To resolve your missing tooth problems, get in touch with a dental implants specialist for information on dental implants cost in Sydney, procedure, and more.


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