Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Removal? Here’s how to deal with it

Swelling after Wisdom Teeth Removal? Here’s how to deal with it

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Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars. People get them during their teens or early twenties. Wisdom teeth can do great when they are correctly aligned and healthy. However, these teeth usually break through the gums only partially, or they are often misaligned. That’s when your dentist would suggest wisdom teeth removal Sydney to avoid further complications. Wisdom teeth extraction is a simple procedure carried out on the dentist office. There is no risk or pain you will feel with it. If your dentist suggests you wisdom teeth removal, go for it. Here are some tips to take care of yourself during the recovery phase.

Recovery Phase:

The recovery speed after wisdom teeth removal depends on how the extraction was. Was the tooth impacted in the jaw bone, or was the extraction simple? In both the cases, there will be some post-operative swelling as a result of surgical trauma. How severe the swelling is, will again depend on the complexity of the extraction.

To Reduce Swelling – First 24 Hours:

In the first 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal Sydney, the aim is to minimise the amount of swelling. For this, you should apply cold packs on the area of your cheeks where the tooth was extracted. You can start keeping ice packs as soon as the surgery is done.

  • You can use a cold pack available at pharmacies, or even a frozen bag of peas will work. Whatever the source you have chosen, wrap it in a dishtowel.
  • Hold it against the outside of your face firmly for 15 minutes, leave it for another 15 minutes, and repeat.
  • The cold will cause blood vessels in the surgical area to constrict, reducing the volume of fluids that are transported around the tissues and thus reduce the amount of swelling.

Remember, you will be feeling numb from the anaesthesia, so don’t fall asleep with the ice pack pressed on your cheek.

To Reduce Swelling – 48 To 72 Hours:

You cannot prevent swelling entirely with the cold compress however, you can bring it down quickly with a warm compress.

Generally, swelling is considered to reach its peak 48 to 72 hours after cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney, and that is when you should start using a warm compress, not before. Follow what your dentist recommends.

  • Get a heat pack or a wet towel. You should warm the swollen area and not burn it.
  • Hold it against the swelling area at every 20 minutes gap.
  • The heat from the compress will cause your blood vessels to dilate, enabling them to carry over the fluids that cause swelling.

If your swelling hasn’t subsided by the fourth day, you should talk to your dentist. Although complications are rare, they are possible. So talk to your dentist right away when you notice severe pain, pus, or develop a fever.

An additional tip after affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney while sleeping, keep your head elevated to reduce further swelling.


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