The Do’s and Don’ts of Invisible Braces in Sydney

The Do’s and Don’ts of Invisible Braces in Sydney

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Today’s topic is about the do’s and don’ts about invisible braces in Sydney! Let’s starts with research says. Did you know 30% of patients claimed to have achieved more of their personal goals with their new straight teeth – giving them the motivation to seize more opportunities? And, 92% of patients embarking on their clear brace journey reported that their primary reason for straightening their teeth was to boost their confidence. So, having invisible braces in Sydney straightening the teeth comes with many health benefits that physically and mentally apply. To avail of those benefits, you have two rules to follow. One is, choose the right dental clinic like No Gap Dentists to get invisible braces treatment. And the next one is, know the do’s and don’ts of invisible braces in Sydney and following them accordingly. So, what are those things to do and don’t for invisible braces? Probably this will be your question right now. This Blog listed the dos and don’ts of invisible braces. Continue reading to learn more.

Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts


From scrubbing your pots and pans to showering in the morning, hot water is the go-to for cleaning, but not for cleaning the invisible braces. Usually, the invisible braces in Sydney   are made from heat-sensitive plastic, so cleaning invisible braces with very hot water will negatively affecting your treatment since the heat cause them to deform and warp. So, make sure to use normal water or little heat water to wash the clear brace.


For cleaning,
• Consider removing the aligner, and soak underwater before re-inserting the aligner into your mouth.
• Make sure the aligner is fully immersed and allowed to soak for 15 minutes.
• Pop the aligner in a glass of lukewarm water and add one tablet.
• Brush, cleanse, and rinse the aligner as usual.
In order to remove any built-up bacteria, clean the aligner with a disinfectant tablet twice weekly.

Drinking Do’s and Don’ts


Even the slightest bit of heat can deform them, which delays and disruptions your treatment. So consider avoiding hot drinks and stick to normal H2O. Also, the carbonated, sugary and acidic drinks like coffee and more will become trapped within the appliance, and wearing away at your enamel and causing long term tooth corrosion.


H2O – Water is the only drink permitted whilst wearing your clear brace. To prevent stains, enamel erosion and tooth decay, give your teeth a good scrub no matter what you drink.

Eating Dos and Don’ts


Eat with your aligner in is highly avoidable. This will not only result in an unsightly brace but also in enamel erosion and tooth decay since the food debris becomes stuck within the brace. Remember, even the softest snacks can damage a clear brace, deforming the plastic and impacting its efficacy.


The invisible braces give you the freedom to eat whatever you choose. But all should be done by removing the braces.

Final Words

Considering the invisible braces is the knowledgeable choice for straightening the teeth. But still, some ignore it by thinking the invisible braces cost Sydney is high. You can now have cheap invisible braces in Sydney. All you have to do is, choose the right dental clinic.

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