Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery Time!

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Recovery Time!

If you have had your wisdom teeth removed recently and looking for the recovery phase, you are not alone. According to research, 10 million wisdom teeth are removed each year. Also, only 10% of wisdom teeth extraction patients suffer from symptoms like prolonged bleeding and altered touch sensation. Hence wisdom teeth removal Sydney has become a standard procedure that experiences a normal healing process with proper care. How long will it take to recover after wisdom teeth removal? And when can you eat all your favourite foods with it?

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of molars to erupt. Not everyone keeps these teeth, and they are not needed for a beautiful and sound smile. Besides, these teeth can harm if they do not come properly. Erupting in the teenage they lack rooms to grow correctly. As a result, these teeth grow impacted sometimes. This can lead to other severe oral health problems like pain and infection.

The dentist will perform cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney, if needed, in a single outpatient sitting or he will schedule an appointment depending on your case. He will remove the teeth after admitting local or general anaesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable and pain-free. After the anaesthesia wears off and after your wisdom teeth are extracted, the recovery time starts.

Caring yourself after wisdom teeth removal Sydney:

Once your wisdom teeth are removed, you will probably get pain and swelling. There may also some bleeding at the surgery site. You can bite down on a clean cotton pad for some time to stop bleeding, but if this doesn’t work, contact your dentist right away.

In the healing phase, you should be careful not to dislodge the blood clot in the surgical area or harm your gums. You should avoid coffee, hard foods, soft drinks, alcohol, or hot beverages on the first day following the procedure. You should also not brush your teeth around the extraction area for the first day.

There are so many things you can do to make your recovery easier. For pain, your dentist will prescribe pain relievers. Place an ice pack over the jaw to help with swelling. The chillness will help reduce inflammation and ease any discomfort.

Your dentist will also instruct how to take care of your mouth during the recovery period. He will also advise you to abstain from spitting, flossing, and brushing for 24 hours after wisdom teeth removal. From then, you can delicately brush your teeth. To keep your mouth clean is very important, so rinse your mouth with warm salt water frequently to help prevent infection. You will also be prescribed antibiotics.

Go with a soft food diet for the first day and then slowly move onto semi-soft once you feel you are ready. Stock up foods like cottage cheese, purees, yogurt, and other soft foods before wisdom teeth removal procedure.

The recovery phase can take even several days in some cases. Use ice packs in the surgical areas and enjoy soft foods for some days to ease yourself and promote healing. However, if you notice any unusual symptoms like fever or pain, talk to your dentist immediately. While complications are rare, it is possible. Contact the best dentist for affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney now.


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