Wisdom Teeth Removal – Useful Precautions to Follow After the Procedure

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Useful Precautions to Follow After the Procedure

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For those with impacted wisdom teeth, dental professionals would recommend removing them to prevent dental problems in the future. However, your responsibility doesn’t end after your wisdom tooth is extracted. Taking proper care of yourself is imperative for quick recovery after the procedure. This means that it is the responsibility of both you and your dentist for the entire procedure to be successful. Follow these useful precautions after the wisdom teeth removal in Sydney:

Follow the Medication:

One of the tips to make your recovery process easier is to follow the medication prescribed by your dental professional. When you don’t do this, you might not get the results you expect and the entire process of healing would be delayed. Hence, make sure to take the medicines as advised by the wisdom teeth specialist.

Ice Packs will Control Swelling:

After wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, it is normal for patients to notice swelling during the healing process. This could usually happen during the initial two days after tooth extraction. Swelling could be effectively controlled with the use of ice packs. Place an ice pack on the cheek, near the surgical site for some time. If swelling doesn’t go away after a few days, get in touch with the dental professional for assistance.

Use the Gauge Pad:

After the wisdom tooth is extracted, you would be given a surgical gauge that is meant to secure the surgical area from blood clots and other elements. Make sure to not brush or vigorously rinse your mouth during the initial hours of recovery. Take complete rest and you could resume your regular activities in a day or two. The dental professional will give you instructions with regards to the usage of the gauge pad and basic oral hygiene.

Stay Away from Smoking and Drinking:

Smoking and drinking should be totally avoided to facilitate healing. This is not just applicable for cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, but for any kind of dental procedure. Doing so would lead to infection, slowdown of recovery, and other dental problems as well.

Proper Dental Hygiene:

One of the important things to ensure during recovery is maintaining proper dental hygiene. Brush your teeth gently, and rinse your mouth with salt water. This removes food particles trapped between your teeth, and will keep your mouth secure from bacteria. When optimal oral hygiene is maintained, recovery becomes faster and easier.

Don’t Use Straw for Drinking:

Dental professionals warn patients to not use straws during recovery to prevent bleeding and gum problems.

These are some of the useful precautions you should follow after wisdom teeth removal. Always get the assistance of your dental professional if you need assistance during recovery. For those considering the procedure, contact the specialist to know about the wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, or for other queries.


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