Symptoms that indicate you should undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Symptoms that indicate you should undergo Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Most people, sooner or later, will need to get their wisdom teeth removed. In just a matter of time you may need to get your wisdom teeth out. However, how would you know when it is time to say goodbye to those pesky teeth? Most often, it is your dentist who should decide when you will need to undergo wisdom teeth removal Sydney. He will look at X-rays to determine whether the wisdom teeth will cause problems or are at risk of decay. Initially, you should know the warning signs of wisdom teeth problems, only then you can identify the issues at the earliest. Here we have listed some of the symptoms to look out for, which could signal it is time to check with your dentist and have affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are located at the backside of your mouth and are referred to as third molars. Most adults have 32 teeth, which includes the four wisdom teeth one present in each corner of your mouth. These are also the last adult teeth to come through our gums if they come through at all.

The wisdom teeth usually grow during the late teens or early twenties and often cause problems as there is no enough room for them in the mouth. As a result of lack of space, these teeth can come through at an angle only partially through the gum line. This is known as impacted wisdom teeth, and people often undergo cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause damage to the surrounding structures, pain, and other dental problems, which include overcrowding of adjacent teeth and impaction either into the next teeth or into the gum. Not all wisdom teeth will cause problems when they develop, even impacted wisdom teeth can remain silent for a long time.

Signs and Symptoms to look for:

When your wisdom teeth develop, it is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort. As discussed, there are many cases which would make wisdom teeth removal a necessity. Here are some of the signs and symptoms you might experience that can be problematic until the wisdom tooth is extracted.

Infection and Persistent Pain:

Pain and infection on the tooth site and pain when you try to open your mouth are the noticeable signs that indicate you need wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Chances are, these teeth can remain painless, and you might not even realise that your wisdom teeth are growing. However, when it erupts above the gum, it will swell and cause pain, which can be felt in nearby teeth or on the sides. Initially, the pain will occur for several days and disappear. However, it will become worse the longer you leave it untreated.

Stiffness in the Jaw and Swollen Gums:

As wisdom teeth erupt, it can push against the adjacent teeth, making them move. This can cause discomfort in your jaw, making it feel stiff and also difficult to open. This can lead to swelling of the gums in the back of the mouth. Red and swollen gums result from the flap of extra gum tissue, which resides next to the tooth. This occurs when the wisdom tooth is erupt partially. Also known as pericoronitis, this infection is caused as a result of food and bacteria getting trapped in the tissue becoming infected and inflamed over time because the site is difficult to clean.


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