What Happens If You Don’t Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

What Happens If You Don’t Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

An impacted wisdom tooth is one of the oral problems which you must avoid. Sadly, you cannot influence the dimensions of your mouth or the way the wisdom teeth grows in. Most often wisdom teeth are impacted and grow unsuitably, there is very little that you can do to avoid this situation. Your dentist might recommend for an affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, but you say they don’t hurt. So why should you opt for wisdom teeth removal Sydney?

Here are some reasons as to why you must go for a cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Swelling and Infection

If you experience significant swelling in the wisdom teeth area, then it is a problem caused by impacted wisdom teeth. This situation must be treated appropriately. Moreover, the impacted wisdom teeth could possibly damage the nearby teeth, bones and even the gums. Most dentists recommend having them surgically removed. If the wisdom teeth are not removed at the right time, it can put you at a greater risk during the surgery as well. So, if the wisdom teeth pain continues for a long time, there are chances of bacteria entering the tissues, leading to oral infections.


Pain in the wisdom teeth area could be an indication that they are impacted. This usually happens, when the wisdom teeth fail to emerge out the jaw bone or other teeth. Signs that your wisdom teeth could be impacted include pain the jaw, soreness, bad breath, swelling of gums, or bad taste when you eat your food. The impacted wisdom teeth can also gradually develop cysts, forming around the tooth. These cysts rarely turn into tumours around the tooth also. These cysts or tumours could permanently damage your jaw bone and teeth. Experiencing pain in wisdom teeth is not always a sign that your wisdom teeth are impacted. Hence it is best to consult a dental professional to find out the actual cause.

Teeth Crowding

When the wisdom teeth grow, they can result in overcrowding, hurting the adjacent molars. This happens as there is hardly any room for the teeth to grow which ends up in alignment issues, as it slowly pushes the nearby teeth out of the way.  Hence opting for the affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney will minimise the need for braces or any other type of corrective surgery to deal with teeth misalignment.

The dental professionals suggest that you must not wait for your wisdom teeth to cause problems to take any action. Instead get your wisdom teeth removed the best dentist in wisdom teeth removal Sydney.


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