Why Should One Get Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Why Should One Get Teeth Whitening Treatment?

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Teeth whitening are an efficient way to help make your teeth lighter. While whitening of the teeth will not significantly change the colour, it will lighten the shade of your teeth. Teeth whitening Sydney, by making your smile brighter, will help you build confidence. Some find teeth whitening to be negative, but it is far from the reality.

Why Are My Teeth Colourless?

Due to a variety of factors, your teeth can lose brightness or become discoloured:

  • Food & Drink- Coffee, tea and red wine are some of the beverages that can cause stains. These beverages have strong pigments of colour that are added to the white of the teeth.
  • As tobacco contains nicotine and tar, the teeth surface would be stained by both chemicals.
  • Due to brushing, the outer layer of teeth gets thinner with age.
  • The teeth tooth can be darkened by several drugs such as antihistamines, analgesic. In children, tetracycline can cause discoloration.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Two bleaches include teeth whitening Sydney ingredients, namely carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These bleaches can lead to breaking stains and whitening your teeth.

For a variety of reasons it can be helpful to have your teeth whitened, here are the top five reasons to get it:

  • Due to plaque and tartar, discoloration is produced. Health conditions like diabetes can also often lead to discoloured teeth.
  • For a special incident, a bright smile is a must and it will make your teeth appear healthier for a special occasion that is coming. If it’s your marriage or your birthday party, teeth whitening will certainly make your occasion worthwhile and help you look your best.
  • Teeth whitening Sydney dentist will really improve your self-confidence if you feel nervous about smiling or want to conceal your smile. You can feel self-conscious about communicating your emotions to the world with stained teeth.

Why Is Clinical Care For Teeth Whitening Better?

Now that we know the reasons for whitening your teeth, let us see three reasons why clinical treatment of teeth whitening is a way to go:

  • Professional teeth whitening can provide even results. You may have seen this but due to the solution not having contact with all teeth, at-home whitening teeth may result in uneven whitening.
  • Talking to the dentist is a great way to get the best results, as they will provide a better estimate of how well your teeth react to bleaching. Another thing to note is that natural teeth respond to the whitening of teeth better.
  • Minimize Tooth Sensitivity- Therapy for whitening of teeth over the counter may cause sensitivity. However a competent in-office whitening of the teeth does not cause any problems and the teeth whitening cost Sydney is affordable, so anyone can get benefit of the procedure.

Avoid damage to your teeth: Another thing you won’t notice when you opt for an in-home whitening procedure and get when you go for clinical care is that your dentist would know if your teeth and gums are safe for the same thing.


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