Got Your Teeth Whitened? Avoid these 5 Foods in the First 48 Hours

Got Your Teeth Whitened? Avoid these 5 Foods in the First 48 Hours

When you need a white and bright smile, tooth whitening is the answer. A lot of people all around the world are quite happy with the results that professional teeth whitening in Sydney offers. The longevity of the results however, depends on how you maintain it. There are certain foods that can easily stain your teeth. Once you get your teeth whitened with the assistance of a dental professional, stay away from these foods, at least in the first 48 hours.


Coffee, especially black coffee, is one of the most popular beverages that contribute to staining of teeth. Several people have the habit of grabbing a cup of coffee right after brushing their teeth in the morning. The truth is, our teeth do easily absorb any liquid we consume. Therefore, the darkness in coffees will stain your teeth, even if you consume just two cups per day. Staining can be reduced to an extent by adding milk and lightening the colour of this beverage. Nevertheless, during the initial 48 hours after teeth whitening in Sydney, it’s ideal to not consume coffee.


Just like coffee, tea can also stain your teeth. Tea contains a chemical compound called tannins, which stains your teeth. The same remedy of using milk is recommended for tea as well. Adding milk to the tea will minimise the possibilities of tea-induced stains, thanks to the protein content.

Dark Coloured Juices:

Flavoured drinks, such as grapes and cranberry juice, are also known to stain your teeth. This is mainly due to be presence of dark pigments in them. According to a teeth whitening Sydney dentist, consuming acidic drinks like soda erodes the enamel and make your teeth vulnerable to staining. The dentin (the part of the tooth right below the enamel) will also show through, and its natural yellowish colour will worsen the appearance of your teeth even further.

Tomato Sauce:

Granted, tomato sauces are pretty much irresistible, as they are super delicious. But to keep your teeth brighter and shinier as ever, you might want to keep it away for a while. Tomato sauces are not just colourful, but also acidic at the same time. Regardless of the version you choose, a tomato based sauce will indeed stain your teeth.

Balsamic Vinegar:

Balsamic vinegar is preferred by many, as it adds great flavour to a number of dishes. However, it’s natural dark colour can potentially stain your teeth. Just like tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar is acidic in nature. Therefore, it will stick to your teeth and leave the stain behind. Instead, use a lighter vinegar to help prevent the stains.

The results you obtain from professional teeth whitening is quite impressive. The process is quick, safe, and cost effective. Make sure not to consume any of the aforementioned foods to help retain the results. Talk to your dental professional if you’d like to know how much does teeth whitening cost in Sydney, or for any other questions.


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